round meLast year my handicap was 32 I have dropped it to 15.8!  (despite a hysterectomy mid year)

HOW DID I DO THAT?how did i do hysterectomy

Well, I have been playing a lot more golf, and had some lessons, but I attribute my success mainly to the mind body techniques that I have been practising on and off the course since I decided to start practising what I teach whilst playing golf.

What I teach is mindfulness meditation, positive psychology and sophrology all involve looking inside yourself, tuning out of the constant thinking and self limiting beliefs and opening up to ‘what is’ and ‘what could be’ in order to reach your true potential.  Perfect for golfers and it works equally well off the golf course too. I’ve written and recorded a detailed 18 hole Mindful Golf Course which you might want to check out at The Mindful Golfer. 

I know some of you would just like to cut to the chase so I have summarised the practices and kept it really simple so you can get started right away…..

‘Seven Ways to Winning  & Wellbeing’

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Hover over the pictures below to discover what the practices are…..!

Probably no surprises, but it’s one thing knowing what they are and another knowing HOW to do them, especially when you have a card in your hand!

Let me be your guide with these mindful practices…..they really worked for me and they can for you too!



Make sure you are practising the right stuff and discover how the Seven Ways to Winning and Wellbeing could bring you into the zone and get your handicap down, whilst  increasing your enjoyment of golf and life!


golf card back

If you want to make a difference you have to practise…..

10 mins a day will do to start…..

As Aristotle famously said…..

‘you are what you habitually do,’

If you would like more support on your journey ……

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